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1. Agri-Food Directory

NAFARI has a firm belief in sharing information and knowledge that help business enterprise, and this is enabled through its publications. In our endeavor to enhance the business outputs of the entire supply chain of the food industry, NAFARI is pleased to compile and publish this first edition of “Agri-Food Directory”. This publication comes as a sequel to the Study-Cum-Directory “Food Processing Industry in Pune District” which was brought out by MCCIA in2007.

The directory is based on successful Primary Survey of over 2063 business units:

Agriculture Input Suppliers, Pre-processors, Cold Storage Facilities, Food Processing Industry, Dealers, Distributors, Traders, Hospitality Industry, Import-Export Business Houses based Equipment, Packaging suppliers etc. in Pune & Maharashtra region.

The study data collected gives interesting insights regarding the Food Processing Industry and its Supply Chain in sectors like:

We are pleased to announce that, NAFARI publication 'Agri-Food Directory' is available for sale. You can purchase it from NAFARI office. 

For any query, please feel free to contact us on - 020-24440079/ 24441776.